Premium Tinguefelt Gold Blend-SG

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Premium Tinguefelt Gold Blend – SG pads are used on large roll, deep chest, steam heated flatwork ironers. A symmetric blend of Aramid and Polyester. The pad has a 3.7 Oz. per square yard (OSY) spun aramid scrim cloth. The Aramid side of the pad is gold and goes against the chest. The polyester side is white and goes against the springs. Manufactured in the United States.

Because of the Aramid/Polyester blend and Nomex Scrim cloth, this is the longest lasting blended pad on the market. **It rivals the life of standard Nomex pads, but costs less.

Weight (Oz.): 24 Ounces

Lengths (Inches): 80, 120, 150, 168, 200, 230, 250, 262, 300, 325 (Can be cut to any desired length)

Widths (Inches): 130, 150, 168


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